As the heat of the summer is slowly dissipating, the chilly breeze takes over and the wonders of trees and leaves takes over. One of the most compelling features of fall is the beauty of the leaves changing its color. Depending on the latitude of the place, it is said that the wonders of fall is most stunning from September through early days of November. With the nature giving a bliss of its colors, this becomes a perfect time for camping with your self, family, friends or partner or just about with anyone who wanted to go far and enjoy being away from the city life.

With the chilly mornings, colorful trees that changes leaf colors, perfect hiking weather plus warm comfort food to feast on, all come together to make camping in fall a must-do activity for anyone who enjoys the outdoor life and adventure. Beautiful colors reign during the fall season, which makes it a picturesque time to enjoy camping and at the same time do nature photography.

Aside from the picturesque scenery during fall, camping also gets a bit more comfortable as far as outdoor camping is concerned. Chill fall temperatures does not allow the overflow of bugs in the surroundings which makes it a bit comfortable than what you can usually experience in a warmer climate where mosquitoes and other insects flock. However, just in case, you might still want to bring insect repellant just to be sure. Speaking of comfort, you can sleep in comfort on cool fall nights. Snuggle up with your loved ones and share a small sleeping space for a restful, comfortable sleep under the night stars.

Before going on a camp in fall, make sure you are prepared for the weather. You don’t want to spoil your camping trip on a weather that is not great for any outdoor activities or hiking. Make sure to do rain checks and read on the forecast. Fall is known for temperature fluctuations so make sure to prepare for it. Pack layers of water-resistant clothing as well as breathable and jacket in case it gets too cold. Most important when you go camping whether if its in summer, fall and all seasons, invest on a good tent. Be mindful of what you may need for the outdoors. It’s better that you are ready for the “just in case” situations you may encounter during the camp.